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The Ties that Bind/Loose Ends Book Review

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Title: The Ties that Bind

Author: Electa Rome Parks

Publisher: New American Library/Penguin

Release Date: August 2004

Reviewed by: Shay C



This was one of the best books that I have read this year, (along with the sequel “Loose Ends”).  It’s the story of Brice, Mia, and Christian.  Mia meets and falls in love with Brice, they marry.  Christian and Brice are life-long friends that are more like brothers.  As Mia settles into her marriage with Brice, his “true colors” begin to show and having no else to turn to, Mia begins to turn to Christian.  Meanwhile, after being asked to watch over Mia while Brice is away, Christian falls in love with her.   Their friendship comes to an end and Mia’s marriage with Brice comes to an explosive end! This book is a must-read! I give it 5 stars!







Title: Loose Ends

Author: Electa Rome Parks

Publisher: New American Library/ Penguin

Release Date: November 2004

Reviewed by: Shay C



This story picks up where “The Ties that Bind” leaves off.  It is now 5 years later and Mia has divorced Brice and married Christian.  They have a daughter together and appear to be happy.  Mia is still haunted by her past with Brice.  Brice has also remarried….. To a woman who looks exactly like Mia! While Brice and Christian appear to be happy, they both miss the close friendship that they used to share.  Brice contacts Christian one day out of the blue and wants them all to meet.  At first Mia is against it but she gives it and it changes their lives forever.  Even though she once and still fears Brice, old feelings resurface and it leads to a betrayal that will shake them all.  This book is a must-read!! Ms. Parks has done an excellent job!! I give it 5 stars!!!




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