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Drama Queen/No More Drama by LaJill Hunt

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Title:  Drama Queen

Author: LaJill Hunt

Publisher:  Urban Books

Release Date: November 2003

Reviewed by: Shay C




This was one of the one best books I read this year!! This book was a page-turner from beginning to end!! Ms. Hunt did an excellent job! The story is about Kayla Hopkins who seems to attract drama everywhere she goes or no matter how hard she tries to avoid it. She caught her fiancée Geno in bed with her sister Angelica, the night before the wedding, she later meets a man named Craig (who looks a lot like her ex) and decides to take a chance with him  only to discover after a one-nite stand that she’s pregnant with his baby and he’s married! Which leads to a run-in with his wife, Meanwhile, her ex has moved on but he  still loves her and his new girlfriend is crazy and jealous.  It all builds to a stunning climax and dramatic end.  This book is a must-read!!!  I give it 5 stars!!









Title:  No More Drama

Author: LaJill Hunt

Publisher: Urban Books

Release Date: November 2004

Reviewed by Shay C



LaJill Hunt has done it again! The Sequel to Drama Queen is once again full of drama and surprises.  While I was a little disappointed to learn that what happened at the end of Drama Queen was a dream, No More Drama quickly makes up for it.  This book focuses more on Terrell and his brother Toby aka DJ Terror.  Terrell has found out that his girlfriend and Darla, his STD (something-to-do) is pregnant.   We also learn more about Angelica, the sister that Kayla hates. Plus he is keeping a big secret from his best friend Kayla about her sister.  When she finds out, all hell breaks loose! Meanwhile, Toby is ready to settle down with Roni but he soon discovers that their relationship is not all that it seems.   I give it 4 stars!

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