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Marry Your Baby Daddy by Maryann Reid

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Title: Marry Your Baby Daddy

Author: Maryann Reid

Publisher: St Martin's Griffin

Release Date: September 2005

Reviewed by: Shay C





Marry Your Baby Daddy by Maryann Reid is the must-read book of the year! Sex and the Single Sister was good, Use Me or Lose Me was great, but Marry Your Baby Daddy is outstanding! It has something for everyone: drama, romance, betrayal, the bonds of family, and hot steamy sex! It is the story of 3 sisters: Giovanna, Keyah, and Fatima.

Keyah, Fatima, and Giovanna each share a complicated or strained relationship with their "baby daddy". After the death of their beloved grandmother, they are shocked and surprised to learn that she has left them 3 million dollars to be shared equally among them but there is one little catch: They have each marry the father of their children in 6 months or forfeit the money. Givoanna is a successful lawyer who is content with her relationship with her daughter's father Douglas, but the closer they become, the more she learns that he is not all that he seems. Fatima's relationship with her daughter's father Dune is rocky, up and down, and he goes back and forth between her and his "other" baby mama but after he overhears a late-night conversation, he seems to become a new man, or does he? Keyah has been engaged to Jag, her son's father for 5 years and wants to take the next step but he appears in no hurry and that moves Keyah to embark on a path of self-destruction that may end their relationship for good. Marry Your Baby Daddy is a fresh, funny look at love and relationships as these 3 women embark on a journey that may lead to wealth but the cost may be more than they are willing to pay as they learn what true love is really about. This book is a page-turner from beginning to end and it will truly capture your attention! I give this book 5 stars! Reviewed by Shay C of PeoplewholoveGoodBooks 




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