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Pickin Ground/In Due Season by Jeanetta Britt

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Title: Pickin’ Ground and the sequel, In Due Season

Author: Jeanetta Britt

Publisher: Twelve Stones Publishing

Release Date: January 2005

Reviewer: Idrissa Uqdah





Last year, I discovered author Jeanetta Britt when she sent me a copy of her novels, Pickin’ Ground and the recently published sequel, In Good Season.  I found it to be a wonderful find after reading her first book.   From the beginning the story line held my interest.


In Pickin’ Ground, Lottie Garrett is a young Black executive living in the Connecticut suburbs and working in New York City at a fabulous job    She has a good life.  After she graduated from high School, she left her Alabama hometown vowing never to return.  Leaving her family behind a terrible secret situation that Lottie is forced to run from for most of her life.  Brttt was a stickler for action in this novel.  Something was always happening and the characters, which were well developed, were always creating some drama.  As the mystery unfolds, Lottie Garrett and boss, Raymond Beck takes the reader through a hilarious series of maim from murder to kidnapping to political corruption.  The supporting characters were interesting too.


In the end Lottie faced up to her demons of the past and had discovered a lot about herself that she didn’t know was in her.  Pickin’ Ground is a cross between two genres in African American writing; the inspirational murder mystery.  It’s Christian mystery and it is gaining in popularity.  Many times Lottie had to depend on her faith to get her through the challenges she continued to face as they struggled to stay alive. 


The sequel, In Due Season is a love story on many levels.  Lottie is back in Alabama having come to terms with her past and reunites with her mother.  She becomes politically active in her prejudiced hometown and eventually sets her sights on elective office. The plot is tied closely to the racial tensions in Alabama. What ensues will keep you reading page after page.  And what about the love story; you ask?  Well not to give the book away; but you will find a sweet love story blended into the story line of this novel.  In Due Season was a quicker read but I thought both books were an enjoyable read.  I recommend Jeanetta Britt’s novels to book lovers who enjoy and appreciate good fiction.


You can order Jeanetta’s books from your local bookstore or go to to order them online.  You can contact the author at: and at Twelve Stones Publishing, P.O. Box 763066, Dallas, Texas 75376-3066



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