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Candice Dow

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Caught Up In Dreams For Clark Anderson, senior year at Hampton University promises to be her finest yet. The smart sister from Baltimore City has looks, brains, a promising job offer, and now, it looks like she’s met her dream guy in handsome law student, Devin Patterson. Though their backgrounds couldn’t be more different, wealthy, sheltered Devin falls hard for savvy, inner-city Clark. They’re more than lovers; they’re soul mates, and their storybook romance is the envy of the campus.

Caught Up In Love But out in the real world, their bond will be tested again and again. From the strain of long-distance love and the pull of two high-powered careers to the well-meaning-but-misdirected advice of friends, the prejudices of family, and the strong allure of new passion and players, Clark and Devin are in for a ride that could tear them apart for good.

Caught In The Mix Now, for two people caught in the mix of secrets, family drama, lies, career struggles, and the hard truths of growing up and moving on, love is anything but easy…and doing the right thing by yourself is the hardest lesson of all.

Our Q&A with Candice Dow,  Debut Author of "Caught in the Mix"

SC: When did you decide you wanted to write?


CD:  I’ve always used writing as an outlet, probably as far back as elementary school, but I took it for granted. About seven years ago, I realized that writing was my natural gift and I wanted to share it with the world.


SC:  How long did it take you to write your first novel?


CD:  It took about five years to get focused. After I got focused, it took about two to three months to complete it.


SC:  Where do you get your inspiration for your stories?


CD:  Real life.


SC:  Would you tell us a little about "Caught in the Mix"?


CD:  Caught in the Mix is a story about Clark and Devin, two college graduates trying to balance matters of the heart and life.  In a nutshell, it’s about loving someone and lying to them, loving them and letting people tell you they are wrong for you, loving so much that you fail to be true to yourself, and learning when it is time to let go.


SC:  What inspired you to write a story like "Caught in the Mix"? Are the characters based on real people?


CD:  I conceived the idea for Caught in the Mix about two years after I graduated college.  From what I had observed, it seemed that the love that came so easy in college had become hard.  I decided to write a story about managing love and life – the course that is not in the college curriculum.  The characters are a collection of people I’ve come across all over the world.


SC:  After writing your first novel, did you self-publish?? If so, how was that experience?


CD:  My experience was truly blessed.  I did not self-publish. It took me about six months to land a literary agent and she sold the manuscript in about two months. It was unbelievable.


SC:  What feedback have you received from fans?


CD:  Fans are saying they LOVED the book.  They felt connected to the characters and they want to know what Clark and Devin are doing now.


SC:  What authors do you admire? Did one of them inspire you?


CD:  To top the list, I have to go with Eric Jerome Dickey and Terry McMillan, but there are a host of others. EJD is my greatest inspiration.  Just like me, he began his career as a Software Engineer and I think that automatically made me feel like I could relate to him.  I thought if this other computer-type could have me holding on to his every word, maybe I could do the same.


SC:  Is writing your only passion?


CD:  Writing and talking. LOL. I love to talk about love, life, and relationships. If I’m in a good conversation, I can stay up 24 hours straight.


SC:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


CD:  I hope to be a full-time, best-selling author, with four or five published novels.


SC:  What advice would you give aspiring authors?


CD:  Even with natural talent, I think aspiring authors should read as many books as possible about character and story development. At the same time, don’t read so much that you don’t have time to write.  Set up a writing schedule and ask your friends and family to respect it. 


SC:  What would you like readers to learn from your stories?


CD:  I hope they walk away with a better understanding and more compassion for  people and  the relationships that surround them.


SC:  Are you working on another novel? If so, what is it about?


CD:  Yes.  The title is "Ain't No Sunshine".  It is a story of a young lady named Laila and her discovery of self-love and forgiveness.  She was abandoned by her mother at birth, sold her body as a teenager, and was a victim of an abusive relationship.  It is her journey through life's bondage to finding freedom within herself.



SC:  Where can people purchase your books? Do you have a website?


CD:  Caught in the Mix is available at bookstores everywhere. My website is





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