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A Landlord's Tale

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Title:  A Landlord's Tale

Author:   Gammy L. Singer

Publisher:  Dafina Books

Release Date:  March 2005

232 Pages

Reviewed By: Shay C








A Landlord’s Tale by Gammy L. Singer is a book that captures your attention from beginning to end.  Amos Brown has just inherited two brownstones in Harlem from a father that he never knew.  It seems that if it weren’t for bad luck, Amos would have no luck at all.  He’s not into drugs but his habit is gambling, his wife has just left him and he owes Harry, the West Indian drug lord big money.  But after Amos moves in, the tenants become like family and their problems become his.  But of course, he has skeletons in the closet: literally.  His mother’s body is found in the building across the street and that opens another set of wounds and brings many unanswered questions.   The story captures your attention in that you get caught in the mystery of what happened to Amos’s mother: what happened? Did his father do it? , You get caught up in the budding romance between Amos and Catherine, a woman who happens to be Harry’s niece, and now of course, Harry is trying to pull him in the business.  And you get caught up in the mystery of Zeke, the mysterious old man who used to be his father’s best friend but seems to have it in for Amos.   It all comes together in a story that you will truly enjoy.  I give this book 4 stars. 

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