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Sexual Exploits of a Nympho
Tina develops an insatiable sexual appetite very early in her life. She only loves her boyfriend, Darren, but he's too far away in college to satisfy her sexual needs. Tina decides to get buck wild away in college. Will her sexual trysts jeopardize the lives of the men in her life?

Meet Richard Jeanty, Author of Neglected Souls, Sexual Exploits of a Nympho, and Meeting Ms Right
PWLGB:  When did you decide you wanted to write?
RJ:  I decided that I wanted to be a writer when I was a senior in college. I was an accounting major for 4 years and decided on a double major in film and television writing during my last year and had to stay in school for an extra year.
PWLGB:  How many novels in all have you written?
RJ:So far I've published 3 novels, but I've written over 10.
PWLGB: How long did it take you to write your first novel?
RJ: My first novel took about 6 weeks to write.
PWLGB:  Tell us about "Neglected Souls", where did you get the inspiration for that story? Are the characters based on real people?
RJ: This book came from my days of working as a high school teacher, social worker and program director. The story was inspired by my own personal life as well as people that I encountered along the way. I left home at 14 years old and I somehow managed to stay off the destructive path and was able to go to college and beyond.
PWLGB:  "Sexual Exploits of a Nympho" deals with a very touchy subject, what made you want to write about it? Did you do any research on the topic?
RJ:  I wanted to write a book that deals with the sexual plague that affects our community, but I knew that I would have to entertain my readers as well. I did plenty of research and I had the support of a professional psychotherapist to help deal with the clinical aspect of sexual addiction.
PWLGB:  Tell us about "Meeting Ms Right"
RJ:  Meeting Ms. Right is about a real nice guy that I grew up who had everything going for him except the right woman. The story was a blend of many people, however. I wanted to touch upon the subject of love and relationship and people's expectations of others.
 PWLGB:  After writing your first novel, did you self-publish?? If so, how was that experience?
RJ:  Actually my very first book was not a novel. It was a book of humor about internet emails. After gaining minimal success with that book I decided to start my own publishing company and published my own books as well as other authors'. It's my way of opening the door for other writers. It's been tough, but I'm getting there.
PWGLB:  What feedback have you received from fans?
RJ: So far my books have been well recieved and there's plenty more of where that came from. Of course, I'm not going to please everybody all the time, but I'm glad to please some of the people most of the time.
PWLGB:  What authors do you admire? Did one of them inspire you?

RJ:   I admire Alex Haley, Frantz Fanon, Alice walker and a frew others.
My inspiration comes from life and my desire to help change people for the better.
PWLGB:  Is writing your only passion?
RJ:   I have other passions. I'm also a painter and a part time comic. is the website to view my art.
PWLGB:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
RJ:I hope to be a major player in the publishing and writing industry.
PWLGB:  What advice would you give aspiring authors?
RJ: Keep the faith and don't give up on their dreams.
PWLGB:  What would you like readers to learn from your stories?
RJ:   I want them to think about the issues that affects their lives negatively and try to change them.
PWLGB:  Are you working on another novel? If so, What is it about?
RJ:  I will be releasing the sequel to Neglected Souls this fall. It's called Neglected No More. It's the continuation to Nina and Jimmy's story.
PWGLB:  Where can people purchase your books? Do you have a website?
RJ:  People can purchase my books online at, or my website at www.rjpublications. com. My books are also available at all bookstores(Walden, Borders, Barnes and Noble).

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