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Q&A With LaKishia Smith

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What Ever Happend

Growing up in the Westport Projects of Baltimore, Maryland, Ieesha has seen the gritty side of the lives of those hustling drugs and trying to survive. She has seen the lives of family, friends and boyfriends taken away by violence and crime. In “WHATEVER HAPPENED 2 MY KING,” readers are taken on an up close and personal journey into a world where trying to live could mean death as they are shown the life of a young girl who desperately wants to find love; unfortunately, she searches for it in the wrong places.

From the disorderly relationship with her first love LA, Ieesha’s world was nothing less then a roller coaster ride, that is until the day she runs into a hustler from up state King Divine, the man of every girls dreams; unfortunately, at the time she wasn’t ready for a King. King bails out without a word and that’s when Ieesha would forever long for his love.

“What Ever Happened 2 My King” is an urban novel that’s not afraid to get right in the reader’s face with the reality of people living on the edge, about a woman’s quest to find true love and a better life. It explores levels of human experience that go beyond the grit, the violence, greed and ruthlessness of the streets. What makes the story unique is the way that it reaches deep into the heart of Ieesha McFadden, a young woman who’s thrown into a lifestyle and an environment that chews up the weak and spits them out!!


Lifes Pain's Destineys Gain


Ieesha McFadden, from Westport Projects, located in Baltimore, Maryland has already proven to the world that it’s not where you’re from it’s where you plan to go; growing up in one of B-more’s most debilitated neighborhoods that holds very little hope of survival or success, this young heroine becomes a very triumphant novelist. Ieesha’s all grown up now, but does she finally possess the ability to make grown up decisions?

Born and raised in the community of Flatbush located in Brooklyn, New York; young, beautiful, and yet quite fragile, Jasmine aka Cinnamon, is the perfect definition of the slogan hard knock life. From the ghastly relationship with her estranged mother, to the disappearance of her dead beat baby-daddy, this young casualty faces the unthinkable and is sentenced to do hella time at the Rikers Island Prison for Women.

Both ladies meet up on the inside and struggle to survive the rough, tough, grounds of Rikers. Will they survive?

This page turner is full of drama, emotion, chaotic twist and most importantly life’s lesson.

Q&A with LaKishia Smith, Author of "Whatever Happened 2 My King" and "Life's Pains, Destiny's Gain"




Q:  When did you decide you wanted to write?

A:  I realized I had a passion for writing by the time I was 9 years old. Growing up in one of Baltimore’s most violent project community’s there were always some drama or something else crazy going down. Whenever I’d become down over something, I’d go to my room, grab my pen and pad and write, write, write, and it took me somewhere; whatever I wrote, is where I was at the time; I would be in a zone. It was at that time that I realized that this was my passion.

Q:  How many novels in all have you written?

A:  Right now, I have “What Ever Happened 2 My King” and the sequel ‘Life’s Pains Destiny’s Gain” that are actually available in bookstores. My third book ‘Gambino’s Way” will be available in December. I actually just had the cover designed and completed all the legal stuff you know, copyright and all that good stuff. So it will hit the streets in December.


Q:  How long did it take you to write your first novel?


A:  Okaaaay now, it took me a minute to do “What Ever Happened 2 My King” I’d have to say about 5 months of pure dedication. 


Q:  Where do you get your inspiration for your stories? Are the characters based on real people?


A:  I get my inspiration from life. I write about things that maybe I have gone through in life. Things that I’ve seen people around me go through; I write about things I hear, things I see, things I know. My books are fiction but many of the things that the characters in my books go through is reality too many.


Q:  After writing your first novel, did you self-publish?? If so, how was that experience?


A:  Yes, I did self-publish it and you asked how the experience was; lets just say, hard work!!!!!!! Hustle, research, grinding and hella networking! I once e-mailed Omar Tyree and asked him, how in the hell he did it ? And he e-mailed me back and said, “If it’s what you want then you gotta make it happen!!” I took his words of encouragement and ran with it because it was real. Many people sit back and want others to give it to them, but you gotta go out there and get it if it’s what you want. I don’t have a deal yet but I know several authors that do and they will tell you that even if you get a deal, you still gotta get out there and hustle your butt off. 


Q:  What feedback have you received from fans?


A:  Oh my God, CRAAAAZZZZY LOVE!!! But you know what makes me feel good. The great feed back from the fellas! The fellas is loving this book!! That feels good. People are saying that they read the book in a day or two. This book is 333 pages! Then I have people that say that they read it 3, 4 or 5 times. It just feels good when people can feel and relate to your story!


Q:  What authors do you admire? Did one of them inspire you?


A:  I admire, Sistah Souljah, Omar Tyree, K’wan, Vickie Stringer because she is indeed the lady!!!! I admire the legendary Maya Angelou who I’ve just admired since a kid. Her way with words is just one of a kind, she’s bad!! Donna Hill who we have to give a standing ovation to!! The sistah has written over 50 books!!!! There are just so many people who I admire. Ohh, I must say Teri Woods! Things are crazy right now but there are always 2 sides to a story and nobody can say that “True to the Game” wasn’t hot!! 


Q:  Is writing your only passion?


A:  No. I love making people happy. My family, friends and man (if I had one) Laugh. 


Q:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


A:  I see myself with at least 8-10 novels out if not more. I see me running my own publishing company to give other talented writers the chance to be heard. I just see success; I’m not gon’ stop until I see it! And then I’m still not gon’ stop!


Q:  What advice would you give aspiring authors?


A:  Study as much as possible, research and check references when it comes to the editing of your joint. Just know that you gotta work hard and keep your head up because there will be struggle. There will always be opinions. There will always be criticism, just believe in yourself and in your product enough to give it your all. Your fear from not succeeding cannot exceed your ambition for success!!!


Q:  What would you like readers to learn from your stories?


A:  I’m not gon preach on this one. I’m just gon say that any book that you read from Lakishia N. Smith you will learn that ‘for every action there is an equal yet opposite reaction; and you as a person must be willing and able to deal with the consequences you shall endure because of your actions.’

Q:  Are you working on another novel? If so, What is it about?

A:  Well, I’m working on my 4th novel. I cannot give you the title because you know there are people out there that love to still ideas (smile). This book is gonna be a different one. It’s still gonna be urban and all, but just different then what’s already out there. 

Q:  Where can people purchase your books? Do you have a website?

A:  Yes my website is and

And “What Ever Happened 2 My King” and “Life’s Pains Destiny’s Gain” can be purchased at Urban Knowledge Bookstores, Karibu Bookstores and most bookstores nationwide. If it’s not at a particular bookstore then, readers can have that store order it.  Books can also be ordered on, Barnes & and Karibu

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