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Title: He Had it Coming

Author: Camika Spencer
Publisher: St. Martin's Press Inc.
Publication Date: September, 2004

224 pages

Reviewed by: Shay C.

Marcus Brooks, the bestselling author of African-American fiction, is one gorgeous brother. He’s also an obnoxious, demanding, misogynistic egomaniac! While these “qualities” have done nothing to hinder his meteoric success, he also hadn’t yet met up with the good Christian ladies of The Second Pew Book Club.

When Marcus releases his latest book, Bitches, thousands of women across America are up in arms. But book club members Raylene, Gwena, Naomi, Latice and Thelma take matters into their own hands—by kidnapping the self-important scribe! Their goal is to teach him a thing or two about respecting women. As each hilarious hour passes and a shocking, hurtful revelation comes to light, it becomes clear that it’s the ladies who are doing the learning—about the men in their lives.


I enjoyed reading this book but compared to Ms. Spencer's previous works, "Cubicles", and "When All Hell Breaks Loose", I was disappointed with this one.  It left a lot of unanswered questions for me, perhaps there will be a sequel.  It was  fast-paced read, and you will enjoy it until the end when the ending seems to be rushed.  I will read another book by this author due to her previous works but this one left me wanting more. 

I give this book a rating of *3*





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