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My Sister's Corner by Jessica Tilles

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In My Sisters' CornerTitle: My Sister's Corner
Author: Jessica Tilles                
  ISBN: 0-9722990-1-7
               Release: November 2003
Reviewed by: Deileen
October 2004
                                       Pages: 390                    
This story is about four sisters who each lead very different lifestyles and most of the time agree to disagree. 


Like most sisters, the Howard sisters had always been close, until they grew up, following their own dreams that pulled them in different directions. Unfortunately, their lives were not turning out to be the fairytale lives they once dreamed of having.

Free -The oldest sister who owns her own business but has not had a man
          in her life for awhile.
China- The mother of two who has an abusive husband
Jade-  A career- minded woman involved with another woman
Maya- Had dreams of becoming a star, but soon found out it's not that easy.
The sisters are all living their lives, not really knowing what is truly happening to each other. But when the sisters discover the way Maya was surviving in Hollywood, and hear the startling news about China's husband, they come together in support of each other. Little do they know that Free and Jade have also made some changes in their lives ......
The story drew me in from the 1st chapter. Although in the beginning I didn't feel any bond between the sisters I soon found out why, and in the end the sisters discover that there should never be any secrets between them.
I give this book a rating of *4*


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