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A Man Like Richard by Erroline

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TitleA Man Like Richard
Author: Erroline
Publisher: Self-Published
Release: August 2004
Reviewer: Shay C.
304 pages
A Man Like Richard by Up and Coming Author Erroline is an excellent read.  It grabs your attention and doesn't let go! It is the story of Richard, Basics, Maxine, Troy, and Marcus. 

As faithful as they come, Richard takes a chance on a strictly Platonic friendship with a beautiful, vivacious, no-nonsense woman (Basics Witherspoon), knowing that it would cause him additional problems with his psychotic wife (Maxine)

In denial that there is another woman in his life, Richard gets careless and Maxine’s keen sense of smell and jealousy sets off a wild series of events for Richard, and for herself.

There aren't many books that deal with mental illness in the African-American community, Erroline does a wonderful job in that while you want to root for Richard and Basics, you can't help but feel sorry for Maxine and her struggle, that is until she goes too far.  It was also nice to read of a man who loves his wife unconditionally and doesn't use her illness as a reason to "be out there" but there are some twists in this book that are sure to have you thinking long after you put it down.

On a rating of 1-5, I give this book a 5!

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