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LaTonya Williams

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Meet Up and Coming Author
LaTonya Y. Williams
Author of the debut novel
"Mixed Messages"


Mixed Messages
LaTonya Williams 
On the surface Kailah Carter is a loyal and trusted friend, hardworking financial consultant, and devoted daughter.  At least that's what her best friend, Mona Richards, always thought.  That is until she discovers Kailah's been sleeping with her man.  Kailah believes Keith Terrence to be her Prince Charming.  His smooth talk and fat bank account sweeps Kailah off her designer heels, and she happily assumes the role of respective wife.  But when Keith's illegal business practices land him in prison, Kailah finds herself scrambling to save what's left of her career and family. Will those she betrayed come to her aid now that the tables are turned? 


     When Mona meets Davis Simpson, she's ready to abandon her somewhat promising career and life to have this man's babies.  Problem is, Davis already has two teenaged daughters, and his ex-wife is hell bent on reuniting her family.  Is it worth leaving everything behind to take a chance on love?


     Mixed Messages reveals how lies, betrayal, and deceit from those closest can threaten our very own lives.  First time author, LaTonya Y. Williams, writes a true page-turner that weaves romance, laughter, and disaster into one emotionally charged drama.



Interview with LaTonya Williams
Author of "Mixed Messages"
SC:  When did you decide you wanted to write?

LW: In the summer or 1999, I began working on what would
become my first published book.  It was only 10 pages
of sloppy dialogue and a simple premise of a story.

SC: How many novels in all have you written?

LW:  Only one novel.  I'm working on my second story soon
to be released in December 2005.

SC: How long did it take you to write your first novel?

LW: It took me four years to complete Mixed Messages.
Having little confidence in my ability to write, I
shelved the project many times believing it to be no

SC: Tell us about "Mixed Messages", what is it about?

LW: Exactly about what the title says: lies, deceit, and
betrayal.  Kailah Carter is ruthless, cold, and
calculating.  She will do just about anything to earn
her mark in the world.  This includes sleeping with
her best friend's man and sabatoging a co-worker.
Living the perfect suburban lifestyle, her world is
turned upside down when her husband's illegal business
practices land him in prison.  Kailah finds herself
scrambling to save what's left of her career and
family.  Now, Kailah has to reach out to those she's
betrayed in the past to come to her aid for support.

SC: Where do you get your inspiration for your stories? 
 Are the characters based on real people?

LW:  My stories are a complete work of fiction.  I want to
write about what I know: women dealing with the harsh
realities of life while trying to balance faith,
family, career, and friends. In Mixed Messages, I
wanted to write about two women who made mistakes we
would consider unforgivable. Then demonstrate how a
strong faith in God can help turn a situation around
for good.

SC:  After writing your first novel, did you
self-publish?? If so, how was that experience?

LW:  No, I didn't self-publish.  After completing the
manuscript, I was offered a book deal three months

SC:  What feedback have you received from fans?

LW:  So far so good.  I'm very proud of my 5-star ranking
on Amazon.  I receive positive e-mails everyday from
women telling me how much they enjoyed the book and
encouraging me to write more juicy novels.

SC:  What authors do you admire? Did one of them inspire

LW:  I admire Kimberla Lawson Roby, Mary B. Morrison, Karen
E. Quinones-Miller, and Zane.  These talented women
self-published their first novels.  They went on to
land huge book deals with major publishers. I aspire
to have that type of bestselling success.

SC:  Is writing your only passion?

LW:  My true passions are being a wife and mother of my two
sons.  Writing comes next.  The ability to work from
home enables me to do all three.  I am truly blessed!

SC:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

LW:  I want to become a bestselling author.  My ultimate
dream is to write for a television drama with leading
Black characters.

SC:  What advice would you give aspiring authors?

LW:  1) Keep the faith!  It will get you through the goal
of completing the manuscript and the rejection that
soon follows.
2) Believe in your work!  If you don’t, how will you
convince others?  Find your own voice, style, and
3) Learn from the best by reading and writing every
day!  Always work to hone and perfect your craft.
4) Market, market, market!!!  Even before you have a
completed manuscript, talk about it to every person
you meet.  It’s good practice. If no one knows you
wrote a book, then no one will buy it.  Each sell is a
tough sell.  There’s a lot of competition out there.

SC:  What would you like readers to learn from your

LW:  Although the women are tragically flawed, I want
readers to connect to them by seeing a little bit of
themselves in these dynamic women.  Most of all, I
want women to realize no matter the situation, big or
small, faith in God will get you through it all.
SC:   Are you working on another novel? What is it about?

LW:  I'm working on Missed Opportunities.  It will be
released in December 2005.  It's about Tate Gibson, a
man who has no problem sharing himself with two
completely different women: a professional co-worker
and a ghetto fabulous single mother.  The conflict
arises when Tate meets a young, beautiful college
student he thinks he would like to settle down with.
He finds out she's a virgin and is left with the
choice to pursue the relationship or keep his two
women who are willing to serve it up just the way he
likes it.

SC:  Where can people purchase your books? Do you have a

LW: Mixed Messages is available in most bookstores and  If you don't see it on the shelf of your
local bookstore, please ask the manager to order it.
My website is:

LaTonya Y. Williams

Author of Mixed Messages
Order your copy at

"A true page turner that weaves romance, laughter, and disaster into
one emotionally charged drama."

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