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Purposely Purple by Tanishah "LAS" Chisam

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Title:  Purposely Purple

Author:  Tanishah “LAS” Chisam

Publisher:  JATA Publishing

Release Date:  February 2005

Reviewed by: Shay C






Purposely Purple is the debut novel written by Up and Coming Author, Tanisha “LAS” Chisam.  It is the story of Vyolet Shelby.  Vyolet is as unique and different as the spelling of her name.  She is the woman that many wish they could be:  confident, beautiful, and not afraid nor ashamed to be secure in her sexual needs.  She knows what she wants and who she is.  But there is someone out to destroy Vyolet, not because of jealousy; but because they simply can’t have her. While this is going on, we meet an assortment of characters: Her room-mate Alexis, who is a DIVA in every sense of the word, until an encounter with a stranger on the train sets her on the path of true love.  There’s Sierra, the pregnant best friend, Jordan, the male best friend who proves that men and women can be just only be friends, Niko, the man who loves Vyolet but his religion and sister get in the way and he tries to settle for just friendship, Cisco, the man who loves Alexis but when his line of work puts her in danger and makes her see him for who he truly is, it ultimately ends their relationship.  There’s Zaire and Jasmine, Vyolet’s sisters who are hiding painful secrets of their own.  Brandi, the women blessed with 2-year old Mychal but she refuses to accept responsibility, grow up, and be the parent her son needs and when tragedy strikes, it will change her life forever.  And lastly, there’s Maxine, the woman with serious issues and who Vyolet discovers is truly not her friend.  Purposely Purple not only tells the story of Vyolet but you learn all about the characters and how their lives interact with hers.  I finished this book in a day and a half because once you  begin reading it; it grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.  It does have a slow start but it builds to the perfect blend of drama, sex, suspense, and betrayal.  It does leave many unanswered questions at the end (could there be a sequel in the works??) but for the most part, it does make you think.  What is your purpose in your life? “LAS” has done a wonderful job in her first debut novel.  Read it, you won’t be disappointed! Are you Purposely Purple??  I give this book 4 stars!!


Reviewed by Shay C


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