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Cheryl Robinson

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Author Spotlight:  Cheryl Robinson
Author of "When I Get Free and If It Ain't One Thing"



Porter Washington has just left his girl after learning that he’s not her baby’s daddy. Now he’s staying with his mom until he can scrape up the dough to get his own place. He may be down, but Porter’s not out. With a body that looks like chiseled granite, the sexy Detroit firefighter has women dropping at his feet…yet he’s desperately lonely. After sleeping with another man’s wife and receiving a near fatal beat-down as a result, Porter realizes he’s hit rock bottom. Perhaps the lovely Winona can help ease his pain. But the mother of two has her own problems. Her devastating secret could snatch her away from Porter before their love even has a chance to grow. Can these two people whose lives are steeped in heartache and regret find comfort, and perhaps love, in each other’s arms?




Meet Cheryl Robinson,

Author of "If It Ain't One Thing and When I Get Free"




SC:  When did you decide you wanted to write?


CR:  When I was nineteen and a sophomore in college I took a fiction writing class. The concept of making up stories and sharing them with others was very satisfying for me.  I remember wishing I could do something like that for a living but knowing that’s not what my parents sent me to college for. I used to think that in order to become published you had to write novels similar to Alice Walker and Toni Morrison and although I love those authors I knew that my writing style was very different than theirs. Years later, Terry McMillan hit the scene and I discovered her books. I could relate to her stories and her style of writing and that’s when I felt encouraged to pursue my passion. 



SC:  How many novels in all have you written?


CR:  I have written three and self-published two. My first novel, If It Ain't One Thing is a re-release of my self-published novel Memories of Yesterday.  There are quite a few changes that were made from its’ original version. My third novel is the sequel to If It Ain't One Thing and my second book is entitled When I Get Free.


SC:  How long did it take you to write your first novel?


CR:  Depending on how I look at it, I can say about sixteen years, because it took about that long for me to conquer my mind and decide that I could do this.  I knew how complete I felt every time I sat down to write so one day I decided I’d sit down and I wouldn’t get up until I had a tangible story. It only took six months after that point.



SC:  Tell us about "When I Get Free", where did you get the inspiration for that story?


CR:  I met the main character in real life who insists on remaining anonymous.  He told me that he had spent ten years of a forty year sentence in prison for drug trafficking and the more he talked about his experience the more I knew that I had to write a story inspired by the events he shared. Many people think that the character Gail who is a writer in the story is based on me but she is a completely fictional character.  


 SC:  After writing your first novel, did you self-publish?? If so, how was that experience?


CR:  I self-published my first two novels and I learned a great deal. I certainly don’t regret it, but I will say it was a lot of work and tons of money.  Every dime I earned went into my business, but I learned so much that it was worth it.



SC:  What feedback have you received from fans?


CR:  Feedback is steadily coming in.  The book was just released the first week of February.  So far I’ve read favorable reviews in The Charlotte Post and Upscale Magazine, which I was extremely excited about.



SC:  What authors do you admire? Did one of them inspire you?


CR:  I admire any author who transfers the stories that live in their head onto the paper and produce enjoyable stories…so obviously those are too many to name.


SC:  Is writing your only passion?


CR:  Writing is my biggest passion but I also love marketing and I love comedy. I try to incorporate comedy into my novels.


SC:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


CR:  I would like to have about eight books published. I’d like avid readers to know who I am and to anticipate my next release.


SC:  What advice would you give aspiring authors?


CR:  The best advice I was ever given was to start writing and write something every day.  That is the only way you can move from aspiring to become an author to realizing your dream of having your books on the shelves.


SC:  What would you like readers to learn from your stories?


CR:  My characters are usually those who have something they need to overcome. I have always said that I want readers to be encouraged and have hope after reading one of my books.


SC:  Are you working on another novel? What is it about?


CR:  I have recently completely the sequel to If It Ain’t One Thing, which will be released in January 2006. Now, I am starting another novel that is inspired by true events and it has a male and female character at the focal point.    


SC: Where can people purchase your books? Do you have a website?


CR:  I always say ask for my book wherever books are sold. If there is an African-American or independent bookseller in your area try them first for they need our support. If not, I know for sure my books are widely available through Borders bookstore.  In Dallas my books are also available not only in Borders but at Black Images Book Bazaar, Jokae’s African American books and select Barnes and Nobles.  Of course my books can be purchased online at,, Barnes and and most other online bookstores. 


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