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Kendra Norman-Bellamy

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Author Spotlight:
 Kendra Norman-Bellamy
Author of "For Love and Grace, A Love So Strong, Crossing Jhordan's River and Because of Grace"




Since childhood, native Trinidadian, Jhordan Adams has gotten little else than heartache from the women he's loved.  After witnessing his mother's selfish act of suicide, Jhordan is left to grow up struggling with issues of love.  After his first wife abandons him and their young daughter for what looks like a better life, he's left to battle with issues of trust.  Now, his new wife, Kelli is forced to pay the price for the misdeeds of other women she's never even met.

Instead of embracing the wife he passionately desires, Jhordan fights his affections for her in fear that Kelli, too, will break his heart.  But his lack of attentiveness begins to build a raging waterfall between them and in her search for answers, Jhordan's coldness sends Kelli floating into the arms of another man for comfort.

Jhordan is left with two choices.  Either he can take the advice of his pastor and other spiritual counselors and confront his greatest fear of completely loving and trusting another woman......or keep running away from a past he's never faced and lose Kelli forever.

What's a man to do when either choice could lead to another devastating heartbreak? 

Will Kelli's prayers give her the strength to cross Jhordan's river, or has he already made the body of water between them so wide that she'll choose to swim in another direction?





Kendra Norman-Bellamy

Author of "A Love So Strong, For Love and Grace, Crossing Jhordan’s River and Because of Grace"





SC: When did you decide you wanted to write?


KNB:  In a sense, I feel the decision was made for me.  I knew as a child that I had an appreciation for words and a love for crafting poetry, skits and short stories, but I don’t feel as if I ever “decided” to write.  My first husband passed away in 1995 and in 1999, I began journaling about the hurt that was still lingering from my loss.  I had remarried by that time, but in a sense, I was still grieving.  My present husband bought me a computer and encouraged me to write out my feelings.  When my writing was complete, I essentially had a full manuscript.  Once that therapeutic writing was complete, it was as though God opened my mind to whole new world of fictional stories and He told me to write them.  I obeyed and now, here I am.


SC: How many novels in all have you written?


KNB: To date, I’ve written about eleven novels, but all of them have not been published to book form yet.  Two titles (A Love So Strong and For Love & Grace) hit bookstores everywhere last year in July and November, respectively.  I have two releases this year: Crossing Jhordan’s River (May) and Because of Grace (July).  In addition, I have a collaborated project, Three Fifty-Seven A.M. that I co-authored with famed poet, Hank Stewart that will release in August.


SC:  How long did it take you to write your first novel?


KNB:  My first published novel was written in a three-month time span.  I remember how easily the novel flowed as I sat at the computer and typed.  All of my stories have been relatively easy for me to write.  Thankfully, I’ve never experienced writer’s block and it has never taken me more than five months to write a full manuscript. 


SC:  Where do you get your inspiration for your stories?


KNB:  In a word: LIFE.  I’ve been inspired through dreams and by scenes that my eyes have captured as I drive along the highway.  When I look at the world around me…read articles in the newspapers and magazines….watch television….listen to the lyric of songs…there is always something going on in that can be fictionalized and turned into a novel. Everyday life is very fascinating.


SC:   After writing your first novel, did you self-publish?? If so, how was that experience?


KNB:  Yes.  Initially, For Love & Grace was self-published back in 2002.  A year later, BET picked it up and it was re-released in 2004.  My self-published experience was challenging, but it was good for me and for my career.  It was definitely demanding, but I knew that this wasn’t just a hobby or a passing interest for me.  Writing is my career and my calling; so, I didn’t mind the hard work involved.  Self-publishing introduced me to the hard work that goes into marketing and promoting a book without the backing of a big house.  It also gave me a greater appreciation for the gift that God has given me.


SC:  What feedback have you received from fans?


KNB:  I’ve been immensely blessed by the reviews and accolades that readers of my work have given.  I’m just humbled every time I receive an email or see a positive review posted online on Amazon, Black Expressions and other comparable book sites.  My novels have been book club favorites and I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to participate in some very intense and lively meetings wherein my books were being discussed by those who had read them.  Knowing that I am providing a product that people are embracing so fondly is a blessing within itself.


SC:  What authors do you admire? Did one of them inspire you?


KNB:  Oh, my!  That list is almost too lengthy to outline.  The ones I admire the most are within my own genre and they have also become very dear friends of mine since I’ve gotten to know them on a personal level.  I admire Victoria Christopher Murray, Jacquelin Thomas, Vanessa Davis Griggs, Tia McCollors, Patricia Haley, Vanessa Miller and Stephanie Perry Moore.  I’m also a huge fan of Travis Hunter, who is also my friend (and lives in my neighborhood). Although Timmothy McCann isn’t actively writing right now, he is a favorite as well.  Even before I got to know Victoria and Jacquelin, I was greatly inspired by them and I still am.  But if I had to name one author who inspires me the most, I’d have to give that nod to Maya Angelou.  I began my love for writing with poetry and her poems are so captivating and far-reaching, in my opinion.  I think she’s such a gifted writer and just an incredible woman altogether.


SC:  Is writing your only passion?


KNB:  No. I also have a passion for health and fitness.  I’m an aerobic buff.  The frame that surrounds the tag on the back of my car says, “I Have Aerobic-itis”.  LOL!!  I’m a certified fitness instructor and for years I taught group fitness classes at several local gyms.  Since my writing and promoting takes so much of my time now, I’ve stopped teaching the classes on a regular basis, but I still go to the gym an average of five days a week.  I just love exercising.  I have a lot to live for and for me; it’s not about living long, but living well.  For whatever time that God gives me here on Earth, I want to enjoy it and live it to the fullest.


SC:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


KNB:  Prayerfully, by then, I will be able to add to my list of achievements the fact that one or more of my books have made it to the stage or better yet, the big screen


 SC:  What advice would you give aspiring authors?


KNB: “Believe in yourself!”  Trying to break into this industry can be, and generally is, a difficult feat.  With the flood of rejection letters and closed doors that aspiring authors are sometimes forced to accept, it is easy to become discouraged and take on a feeling of hopelessness.  But, if a writer knows beyond doubt that he or she has a gift and they are certain that it is worth fighting for, I would like to encourage them to do just that.  Perseverance is non-negotiable in this industry; so don’t give up on your dream or your destiny.


SC:  What would you like readers to learn from your stories?


KNB: I write Christian fiction, so all of my stories have a Christ-centered theme.  The characters in my novels deal with the same problems, fears, temptations, drama and other issues that are seen in non-Christian titles.  The difference is that they ultimately seek God for guidance in rectifying whatever situation might be in disarray.  That’s the message that I want readers to walk away with.  I want them to realize the difference that depending on Christ, versus trying to handle it on your own, can make.


SC:  Are you working on another novel? What is it about?


KNB: I write for two publishing houses so I’m always working on another novel!  Ironically enough, the project that I’m preparing to work on now is different from anything I’ve done in the past.  Most of my other titles have a “romantic” flair to them.  This one does as well, but it also has a strong “mystery” undertone.  Basically, it’s a “whodunit” that surrounds a missing (abducted) pastor, Bishop Calvin Whitfield, whose daughter, Jade is frantically trying to find him.  The leading male character in this novel is a popular newspaper columnist and horse breeder named Hunter Greene who eventually joins in the search, despite the press’s indication that the preacher has been murdered.  The “working title” for the manuscript is, In Greene Pastures.  Since my 2005 and 2006 releases with each of my publishers (BET Books and Moody Publishers) are already set, In Greene Pastures will most likely not become available before 2007.


SC:  Where can people purchase your books? Do you have a website?


KNB: Readers can contact me through my website at, but my books cannot be purchased there.  The only books that can be purchased by way of my site are books that are published through my newly established independent Christian publishing company.  My individual titles are available at almost any major bookstore as well as most online bookstores.  They can also be purchased through Wal-Mart’s and Target’s online stores.


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