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Wings of Grace

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Title: Wings of Grace

Author: Vanessa Davis Griggs

Publisher: New Spirit Books, BET Publications, LLC

Published:  2005

Genre: Christian Fiction

Reviewer: Idrissa Uqdah






Wings of Grace by Christian novelist Vanessa Davis Griggs is the sequel to her popular novel Promises Beyond Jordan.  In the sequel, Pastor George Landris marries his long-time friend, writer Johnnie Mae Taylor.  The marriage does not take place without a bit of drama.  The good Reverend is stripped of his duties upon returning home from his honeymoon while his bride does research for her next book and she involves them both in a mystery that takes a journey from state to state to unravel. 


Promises Beyond Jordan was an interesting read; but Wings of Grace has an even more exciting story line.  Also returning are the characters she so well developed in the original story; Lena Patterson and her daughter Theresa who was once the fiancée of Pastor Landris, several of the members of his congregation, and Theresa’s father, the Bishop.


She also introduces a new character, a relative of Pastor Landris, his older brother Thomas.  Thomas is a man of dubious character bringing even more drama into the fold.   However, due to his brother’s influence Thomas begins to find his place in his walk with the Lord as the story moves on.    Ms. Griggs’s characters resemble your every day Christian folk whose unwavering faith in God gives them the strength to carry on; yet they have their shortcomings and obstacles to overcome.


The story line is also historical and shows the racial distinctions that existed in the South for several generations as Johnnie Mae searches for the truth.  She finds she must go back and research the past to find answers to the present situation.  The ending was rather interesting also.  It probably leaves room for a series of books about the Landris Family.


Vanessa Davis Griggs is a talented writer who goes the distance to create an interesting plot.  She also gives you a setting for her story that is very visual, one where you can actually travel with the characters.  I enjoyed both books very much and look forward to her next book.    I’d rate this book a 5 on a scale of 1-5.  It was an excellent read.  Her books are worth buying. 


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