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Sinfully Romantic

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Title:  Sinfully Romantic

Author:  Smokey B Burgess

Publisher: Two Black Bears Publications

Published: 2004

Reviewer: Idrissa Uqdah



Not Normally Discussed In The Church                                   


     The subject matter of the novel, Sinfully Romantic underground author SmokeyB Burgess is a subject not normally discussed in the traditional church; yet Smokey Burgess brings to light the anguish of a Christian woman sorely in need of love and companionship. 


     The Brooklyn born and bred novelist has coined his brand of Christian Fiction as “Urban Christian Fiction” with a gritty street flavah that appeals to the average person living a day-to-day existence.  His work, “Sinfully Romantic” is the story of Shani, a 30-something Christian woman who is saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost.  She is at the top of her profession and owns her own condo, luxury car and a full wardrobe of clothes. Shani has an abundance of material things. She has family and friends.  She’s active in her church; but she’s single with not a prospective suitor in sight.


            Burgess takes his readers through Shani’s inner longings while she holds on to God’s promise for her life.  He uses Scriptures throughout the text of the novel as he tells Shani’s story so that the reader is exposed to the Biblical teachings of today’s church to single women.  But what is even more evident is that he writes Shani’s story from Shani’s point of view, from the heart of a woman who expresses her desires and needs.  The story is raw and emotional.  It has an urban street flavor, just as Burgess promises, and you come to know Shani as your girlfriend.  This is no pretty story.  The realism will shock some churchgoers; anger a few ministers and may even be rejected as Christian fiction at all; but the story is true, told with real feelings about real Christians.  And wonderfully enough: God gets the glory in the end.


            I really enjoyed Sinfully Romantic and I think that Christian women everywhere will find themselves in Shani’s dilemma at some point in their walk with the Lord.  The ending will surprise you and the story will open your eyes to some of the spiritual challenges both Christian men and women face.   It reads like a Christian Street Tale that will touch your heart especially if you have ever dared to be sinfully romantic.  I’d rate this book a four on a scale of 1 to 5 and would recommend it to Christian women and Christian men, as well.


SmokeyB Burgess is an underground author who has self-published six novels in addition to Sinfully Romantic.  He recently kicked off his “Emergence Tour 2005" at the Harlem Book Fair where he read from this book on the Author’s Stage.  The next stop on his tour is the Boston Book Bazaar in August.  Go to his website where you can order this book and read excerpts from his other works. 


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