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The Mouse That Roared by Dwayne Murray Sr

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Title: The Mouse That Roared
Author: Dwayne Murray Sr
Publisher:  Madbo Publishing
Reviewed by: JL Carter
Sandra Lyte is the type of character that you will find yourself rooting for as she goes through obstacle after obstacle, yet despite it all she not only finds herself but also the courage to set herself free. Despite strong objections from her parents, she enters a beauty contest and winds up kicked out the house and on her own, then she meets up with the ruthless Doug Gunner (a man hoping for his father's love) who turns out to be her worst nightmare inflicting physical and emotional abuse. This sets into motion an chain of events that will forever change the lives of Doug and Sandra but will ultimately set her free. "The Mouse that Roared" is one of those books that will have you thinking long after you put it down, it captures your attention and doesn't let go. You find yourself rooting for Sandra as she embarks on a journey to not only find her peace of mind but also herself. I wish to say I enjoyed this book very much; I loved what the story was based on. Sandra deserved to come out on top just the way she did. I hope you will continue with your writing. You have a fan for life.I give this book 5 stars.
Reviewed by JL Carter of PeoplewhoLoveGoodBooks

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