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So You Call Yourself a Man by Carl Weber

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Title:  So You Call Yourself a Man

Author:   Carl Weber

Publisher:  Dafina/Kensington

Release Date:  December 2005

Reviewed By: Shay C




James, Brent, and Sonny are lifelong childhood friends whose lives are about to be turned upside down and forever changed. Even though James and his wife Cathy have had their share of 7 years into the marriage, they are happier than they have ever been until his past begins to catch up with him. During a difficult period, James had an affair and now the woman is back--along with "their" 3-year-old son. Brent has completely changed his life....becoming saved and active in the church and now he is about to marry his plus-size fiance Alison but he has yet to come to terms with his feelings for someone else and before long the temptation becomes too strong and Brent's actions will have MAJOR consequences and repercussions. After moving away, Sonny missed his friends but was happy with his wife and children but when the opportunity arises for him to move back to New York and James hooks him up with a job at UPS, he tells his wife to pack up their belongings but when his stuff shows up and his wife and kids don't, Sonny is devasted but quickly rebounds with his high-school sweetheart Tiffany but she quickly finds out Sonny is not the man she once knew and he is on a path of self-destruction that will forever change their lives. Carl Weber has done it again!!! This book is a page-turner from beginning to end, I finished this book in ONE day!! Weber has proven once again, why he is the king of drama. So You Call Yourself a Man is so full of twists and turns that you will find yourself sitting and shaking your head and saying, Oh No he didn't. If you loved his previous books, Looking for Luv, Married Men, BabyMommaDrama, Playa Haters, The Preacher's Son etc etc you will LOVE this book. It is one of the best books I have read so far this year, it does not disappoint. It is a must-read!!!!! I give this book 5 stars!! Reviewed by Shay C of PeoplewholoveGoodBooks

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